HELLO! It seems that you found your way to my blog. Congrats. You’re officially following me on every twist and turn I take through this hectic city. So why my blog?? Honestly, I question the same thing. Although, I do not own a designer bag (crazy they accepted me to FIT without one) or drape pearls over my neck complimented by Dior sunglasses, I find myself fashion obsessed and intrigued with this crazy industry.

When I don’t have my head nestled into the current issue of Vogue, you’ll find me drinking excessive amounts of coffee and finding my newest food obsessions. As a part time food photographer I’ve made it my duty to show off every delicious dish I consume inspiring others to eat out at least HALF as much as I do. I’m also passionate about keeping a healthy lifestyle, body and soul. Enough about me.. stay tuned to keep up with all of my finds and obsessions!

I thrive off the rush and diversity throughout the city as everywhere you glance a new movement is coming straight at you. I’m eager for you to follow me through my adventures while I’m whipped every which way the city tosses me.


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