Get Lean With Some Green

It’s evident that vegetables aren’t everyone’s go-to food group but it’s the most vital part of anyone’s diet. I’ve found if you don’t like them, hide them!  Now, I’m no Popeye when it comes to veggies but I’ve mastered the act of smuggling them into my diet. From smoothies or dips, disguising your greens can be the easiest way to subconsciously get that power group into your daily meals.


With kale on an upward trend, we’ve all tried it. Like it or not, concealing it as a smoothie ingredient, featuring some fruits and dairy can transform the harsh bite into a tasty treat! Adding a cup of kale or spinach, a dollop of yogurt, greek or regular, some cubes of ice, finished off with a handful of fruit helps you reach your vegetable intake for the day while enjoying an iced drink perfect for cooling in this awkward summer-fall transition! This is also a great pre or post-workout meal to build or rebuild your strength for any activity.


Peanut Butter is a HUGE protein packed spread that can be paired with an assortment of foods. My personal favorite is combining it with celery then topped with granola. This is recognized occasionally as, “Ants on a Log”. Taking your freshly washed celery, use a knife to spread your peanut butter across, fitting it into the curve. Once spread, a light sprinkle of granola on top of the peanut butter gives it an extra crunch! This is a sweet way to incorporate some of the less enjoyable vegetables such as celery.


You either love them or you don’t. Salads can be transformed by toppings and a surplus of add ins. The most important element in creating your salad is keeping in mind that it is, and should remain healthy. So add in all the carrots, cucumbers, chick peas, apples or any fresh items from the two food groups as you want. Substituting your unhealthy favorites in your salads is possible too! Instead of croutons try cut up almonds or dried chickpeas giving you the same crunch. The BIGGEST transformation when making a salad is dressing. The only way some enjoy salad is when smothered in dressing. If you’re opposed to switching out your favorite dressing, try it on the side, dipping your fork into it then pick up the food. This small adjustment assists you in enjoying each fork full with just the right amount in every bite!

So, let’s all get a little more green! Just some advice, as told by Celia.


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