Look For That Nook

Who said bigger is better?! Some of my favorite things about New York are the places and spaces, nooks and finds, scattered all across the island featuring the BEST food. Now, being as caffeine driven as I am, I also take enjoyment in the perfect cup of coffee. The search for that perfect cup is never ending. Through my travels, I’ve noticed, crammed is intimate not inconvenient. The smaller the café, the better.

My newest find is Jack’s Wife Freda. After the signature birds-eye-view of the ordered cuisine positioned on the table, that popped up endlessly on my Instagram’s popular page, the restaurant moved immediately to the top of my “Must Try” list. The ambiance was exciting as you entered the doors located in the West Village. The joint was packed tight with friends and family huddled around the circular booths or large groups sprawled across the neverending center table that ran through the entire restaurant. Friendly vibes swirled through the air as well the savory food clogging your nostrils, making your hunger increase with every sniff.

Brunch is my favorite meal. Breakfast that you can casually drink at? How could it not be. I stuck with the perfect set of poached eggs, sided with a dollop of their house greek yogurt, a salsa medley, and sliced avocado. Cup of coffee on the side, of course. The platter surpassed my expectations, starting my week off right with great food and even better company.

So when it comes to food in the city, bigger isn’t better. The hole-in-the-wall café you walk past everyday between two chains is probably your link to the tastiest dishes.


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