Fall Essentials I’m MOD About

Now yes, I was taken back by Zara’s men’s lookbook too. The off-centered photos with a monochromatic color scheme brings you back to the mod 70’s. Men’s styles are narrow and cropped, as us girls spin in our flowy shift cut, boho dresses. *Shag rug not included* Taking this Mad Men inspired look, it’s casting a camel spell on all apparel. I’m absolutely in love with the theme of a multi toffee color palette combined with fringe and a whole-lot-of leather.

e3b5c90e498664010cba404360aa61c7The Cropped Pant
Let’s see some ankle men. Hem lines are shortening as men crop their pants to show off a little extra leg hair.. or maybe just a bare ankle. This crop emphasizes the shoe choice at hand or compliments the rest of the outfit with an addition of a bold sock. My cross country coach constantly does this when in the office by pairing a loud printed or colored sock with a matching bow tie. This is a fun way to liven up your outfit with small features that pop.


The Chelsea Boot

I recently just ordered my first pair and I was instantly obsessed. The boot is perfect to dress up, or down. I am a huge Doc Marten fan so when an opening in my shoe collection was made, I knew where to look to fill it. This sleek boot is ideal for the colder fall days turning into bitter winter chills. With a jean cropped over or sheer tights slipped in, the boot brings an understated shine to your outfit keeping it clean cut and chic.


The Blanket Scarf
Getting out of bed to start your day in the winter is the absolute hardest thing. Snuggled in tight under your covers, wishing you can bring your blanket wrapped around you as you brace yourself for the harsh winter weather. Now you can, and look as trendy as ever. This oversized, thick scarf is literally an excuse to be wrapped up in all your travels. With a surplus of ways to wear it- draped over your neck, tied around like an infinity scarf, or tucked and made to a poncho- if you can think it, you can wear it.

The Fringe BagHKW0256_231_2

Going with the 70’s vibe, this perky tote is a huge factor into any fall look. Bags, in my opinion, are like shoes. They are a stellar investment because you are paying off your purchase every time you use it. It’s better to spend a tad more on a quality item, having fewer valuable choices than a surplus but at a lower quality. This bag is a year round favorite with the fringe tossing in the fall leaves or dragging through the summer sand.

CaptureThe Multi-Panel Suede Skirt

“I love your skirt! Where did you get it!?” No, it doesn’t have to be your mom’s from the 80’s, not vintage, so adorable. It’s actually the cutest f-ing skirt you’ve ever seen. My best friend April came home with this Mink Pink suede patched skirt from her internship. Needless to say I was borrowing it the next day. The combination of bold hued pieces to form a playful key fall item adds a different look into your wardrobe. It’s a statement piece that is timeless. Going full circle with the mod look, paired with a simple button down, topped with the previous fringe bag, you tie your outfit together capturing the vintage trend perfectly.

Pumpkin Cookie Butter

Seeing that my mouth waters at all things pumpkin, my latest food obsession is Trader Joe’s DSC_5307Pumpkin Cookie Butter. The original is a sweet sensation of a cookie spread, perfect on a warm piece of toast as it melts as you do when eating it. With an autumn flair they incorporate the harvest pumpkin taste, creating something unlike my tastebuds have ever had before. I consume a spoonful (or two) pre toast but sometimes you’ve gotta “treat yo self”. If you haven’t tried it, I think it’s obvious you’re missing out.

Fall is my absolute favorite season, and with trends like these, how could it not be!? Savor every foliage scenery and savory scents and tastes because before you know it, we’ll be taking cover from the brisk winter weather. Just a few things I’m mod about this autumn season, as told by Celia. 


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