A Dessert That’ll Hit the Spot

102313-269158-harvest-Spot-dessert-barComing off the 6 train, my four girlfriends and I entered a lively atmosphere that is St. Marks Place. We navigated through the front-open shops and multicultural cuisine options, approaching our destination for the night. A hole in the wall or, should I say spot. Spot Dessert Bar is a sweet combination of Asian and American flavors. Much like the rest of my food finds, I was overly obsessed with the flavorsome desserts I found on Instagram. Most hhhhimportantly, their “Harvest”. This sophisticated copy of your elementary birthday dessert was essentially a cup-of-dirt. With a surplus of tasty choices, the five of us decided we would each get one and send them round circle, trying a bite of each one.

Seated at the intimate table setting, our nostrils were immediately flooded with the cinnamon aroma that sent our senses searching for the source. A miniature pan of monkey bread, topped with a scoop of cocaonut ice cream glided by us. When ours was delivered, 20121210-233301-spot-goldentoastwe each got a spoonful of heaven. The cocoanut ice cream was a refreshing aspect of the dish, complementing the sugary taste of autumn in the bread without overwhelming the overall palate. Next, the taste of their Harvest was long overdue for me. Served in a small pot figure, the server politely “watered” my dessert with a sweet milk before I dug in. The top layer was a dirt look-alike made with a cookie crumble. As I dug deeper I found a berry medley mixed into a moist shortcake. A scoop of raspberry sorbet was smeared then plopped to liven up the plate. The next dish passed to me was the Golden Toast. This was much like an angel food cake, but with a harder exterior. I was fooled until I bit into the bread as it softened with every bite. Not too sweet, not too dull, with honey butter and condensed milk ice cream. It was definitely a win-win.

thumb_600The other most viewed dessert choice I saw was the Chocolate Lava Cake. As I dug my spoon into the freshly plated volcano, an explosion of molten chocolate came pouring out. Dark chocolate is often too overwhelming for most people but the matcha ice cream tamed the somewhat bitter gourmet taste of the cake. Matcha is definitely an acquired taste but the two made a perfect pair. Warm, hot and crisp in all the right places. This dish in particular is one to share due to it’s rich chocolate taste. Last, I was passed the thumb_600jjseasonal special Kabocha Brulee Cake. This warm Japanese pumpkin cake had a walnut soil and condensed milk ice cream. As it’s evident by now, pumpkin is my go-to season flavor. This square of a pumpkin pie like dessert challenged the taste of your mom’s homemade dish with a bit of a flare.

Drawing dessert taste testers and hipsters from all over The Village area, this dessert bar is a delectable SPOT for small get togethers, intimate dates or a night to treat yourself. A tasty dessert must try (or five), as told by Celia.


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