How To: Beat the Freshman 15

FRESHMAN 15. The sight of the phrase makes me cringe. We all know it’s power.. or have experienced it first hand. Unlimited meal swipes? It’s like your college is forcing it on you. Although, the dining hall is key when you want breakfast for dinner and vice versa (fries any time of the day?? Yes please). While other miscellaneous activities add to your “little extra lovin”, we look past it. Never say no to a midnight binge of Dominos- you’re worth it.. and so are those cinna-sticks. Your mini fridge might not accommodate with your normal grocery items and we definitely don’t want to spend this week’s paycheck at the beloved Whole Foods. Try some of the following meal combinations and rules to eat healthy in your dining hall.


Unless you attend FIT, the only school that portions your meal in the dining hall (#fashion), take what you want. Packing away that extra fruit gives you a nutritious snack for later that’s FREE. You’re in college, you should be taking advantage of [almost] everything that’s free at your disposal.

Stock Up & Be Creative

Options in the dining hall aren’t always ideal. I constantly find myself using my meal swipes to my advantage, being greedy with the food at my disposal. Taking a cereal or two for my room, peanut butter packs to dip fruit in, etc. The following are easy and satisfying snacks that’ll keep you filled until after you ace that Chemistry Exam.

  • Apples/Bananas and Peanut Butter- sprinkle some granola onto the peanut butter for an extra crunch.
  • A slice of toast or english muffin with peanut butter, bananas and a drizzle of honey. Easy to make and keeps you fuller longer!
  • When eating bread or other carbs like rice, try a multigrain, whole wheat or a brown grain. This lets you consume your favorites but with nutritious ingredients.
  • Try to get healthy items with a long shelf life. This will reduce waste and enable you to have options at all times! These foods include nuts and seeds, dried fruit, rice cakes and crackers.

THINK: Do you really need this?

Now, I’m totally a binge eater. With a variety of food at my disposal, I most of the time, take advantage of it. But, a simple way to make sure you don’t overeat is to rest and think, do I need the second serving of ice cream? This quick thought is an easy way to resist the urge to consume more when you don’t need it. By doing so, you don’t over indulge, leading into an overall healthier meal.

Treat Yourself Right

For people who believe in “cheat days” this section is for you. Instead of binging on your own kitchen sink sundae masterpiece, find a product with pure ingredients. A food with organic or expensive components won’t make you feel bad about your treat and is also a smarter way to keep away from unnecessary junk.

Eat right and enjoy your life! Not gaining 15 pounds of pure ice cream and cookies, as told by Celia.


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