Goodies, Gifts & Glam

The night before Christmas and all through the house, was you running and flailing- nothing to wear but your mom’s blouse. Throughout this winter break, many troubles will arrive, but read this article to make sure you survive.

With rhymes aside, troubles should be the last thing you encounter this holiday season. If you didn’t get all your holiday shopping done on cyber Monday to grab deals while avoiding crowds simultaneously, there’s no need to fret. Where holiday looks and gifts might not be your first priority, there’s definitely some weight on them.

Original gifts are always appreciated because your mom doesn’t need another picture frame of you and her to add to the collection. From your siblings or secret santa at work, useful and unique gifts are manageable with just a click (and a credit card number).

Food Subscriptions


Companies such as Love With Food, send you a monthly box filled with natural and organic goodies and snacks. Depending on the subscription you choose, the prices vary between $7.99 – $19.99 a month. A tasting or a deluxe box, and even a gluten free one, this gift is sure to satisfy the foodie in your life. The pleasure of this gift is you can buy one month or one year- the choice is yours with the variety of snacks new each month.

Monthly subscription boxes is a growing market with a company for whatever you love. Clothes, jewelry, beauty products or even bacon- you want it monthly, they’ll send it your way.

Coffee Table Books


For your shelf or a coffee table, a book is a conversation starter and a decoration. Amazon is not only a go-to place for new gifts and gadgets, especially with Amazon Prime’s two day shipping, but it’s the holy library for books. In my opinion, books are better when owned used- like a pair of shoes that are already broken in for you. The smell, the ware, the dust that flies out when you close it.  It’s a warming feeling that unravels the history of the book just as much as the story inside of it. Buying used books on Amazon doesn’t only save you money, but is a simpler way to find your favorites to easily gift and display.

Rent the Runway


Finding an outfit for holiday parties or family dinners is always my biggest stress point. The hassle of first finding a dress, then loving the way it looks on you is always a headache. A known fact that us ladies don’t always like to acknowledge is you barely re wear a dress you spend too much on. Where there’s always the uncommon exception, we constantly spend money on a dress with a life of a few hours. Rent the Runway is a company that rents out designer dresses for all occasions. The website walks you through your hunt for the perfect look beginning with choosing your occasion, style, fit, price and when you need it by. You decide when it arrives and whether you need it between four days or eight days. Returns are free and you end up with an elegant designer look for half the price.

Beat the holiday blues and show up dazzling with a gift as amazing as you look. Putting a stop to the holiday headaches, As Told By Celia.


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