Loud Outfits, Low Effort

Swarms of people made their way to the Financial District to experience the buzz about a pop-up glass case of emotion. The feelings were high, and it wasn’t just because there was a three hour wait to get in. The Museum of Feelings was an interactive, 4-d experience for even the most emotionless New Yorker (much like myself). The museum attracted the bored Sunday stroller, enthusiastic art lover or nanny with restless toddlers. With all different types of people coming together, the fashion and style came from every end of the spectrum.

Statement pieces were alive and spotted in every direction. College crowds with bold shoes or the timid journalist in an overcoat with a print louder than her voice when she told me where she got it. It’s no secret that you don’t need much effort to create a statement making outfit. Staple items speak for the rest of the outfit and the versatility is easily transitioned for any occasion.fe


This girl’s vest literally called me over to her. She snagged a deal on her full length fringe vest from Intermix. The fringe danced (slowly) as she proceeded her way through the line. Quiet underneath, all black, comfy and easy, was all that was needed to pair with a chic vest that was simply stunning. The neutral color was everywhere this fall as it bleeds into the winter season.



The men in front of us had no idea their tennis shoes were in  anyway making a statement that caught my eye. Jeans and bommer jackets, their shoes were almost as distracting as their attractive accents. Girls or guys, a statement tennis shoe can go a long way. It’s an easy way to “bum it” while still looking like you’re trying. I frequently wear my Nike Ultra Tennis Shoes with a comfier outfit like leggings and a cardigan or jeans and a tee. Although they’re not as glowing as a metallic silver pair, the pure white shoe makes a statement without much effort.


Now, I’m bias because I have some pretty fashion forward friends but, their staple items are my two favorites which they incorporate into outfits seamlessly. A versatile pair of sunnies is a win win. A bold shape or a polarized lens adds a small detail to an outfit, making a subtle statement. Blanket scarves are my biggest savior in the winter time. Bundled up and styled in several ways, a scarf with a neutral color can be paired with any outfit. It serves as an extra layer taking the place of an oversized puffer jacket that is inconvenient and smothering.

Post Holidays are the best time to buy your favorite pieces at a decent price. With prices low and crowds small, it’s the best time to buy. Staple items bringing high emotions of excitement, As Told by Celia.


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