6:28 & Just In Time For Class

A brisk winter wind tossed my bed head in front of my face as I stumbled out of my dorm, disheveled and still half asleep. Meeting my fellow runner fanatic, Kathrin, we navigated our way up to the East River Park on 86th street for a 6:28 am SHARP workout with The November Project. This organization, or “tribe” as they like to call it, holds workouts every Wednesday and Friday at 5:28 and 6:28 for FREE. It’s simply a movement to motivate and encourage people at all different workout levels, ages and lifestyles by getting them out of bed and moving. So, being as adventurous and dedicated as we are, we went for it. 6:28 rolled around and a group huddle began our morning. A can of sardines fidgeting around, we began jumping and chanting, with their infamous say and repeat of, “Are you good?? F*&! YEAH!” Needless to say it definitely woke us up.


A circuit workout with small distance jogs in-between kept the groups of 8 active and working together including kind words of encouragement and much motivation. You thrived off everyone’s energy, and it wasn’t even 7 o’clock! The sudden snow fall mid burpies only enhanced the energy and overall workout with moods and passion only enhancing.

To finish the vigorous workout, everyone shared a few compassionate hugs with the members of their team as a “job well done”. After a group picture and a few a few sharing’s of, “f*#& yeah, we did it,” we were back on the 6 train- just enough time to make a cup of my French Press and catch up on Complex’s latest stories before my 9am class.


We’re hooked and we hope we never have to miss a workout. Look them up on Facebook to see where you can find your nearest TRIBE. Totally amped and definitely inspired, as told by Celia.


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