My March Favorite 5 under $15

Spring has sprung and it’s time to snack. Whether you’re a frequent Sunday bruncher or a social snacker, as hard as it may be to believe, it’s possible to find mouth-watering, delectable treats in Chelsea and beyond for under $15. The following are my top five, for the moment, under $15.

1. Flex Mussels– $12


Bagel doughnuts or doughnut bagels?? Either way, this dish is sure to have your taste buds woken up with four times to enjoy it over and over and over AND over again. These small everything bagel doughnuts are filled with a cream cheese center. The “sampler” gives you a tasting of bacon, scallion, jalapeno and lox. The initial bite will put an end to your questioning while the flaky dough is the consistency of a doughnut combined with your favorite savory spices of an everything bagel.

2. Billy’s Bakery– $6.50


Billy’s Bakery is a local bake shop in Chelsea with all of your favorites. Their cake slices are your preferred serving size, (huge), and their smaller treats like cookies, peanut butter bars and cupcakes are quick & perfect to “treat yo self” with your friends. My latest discovery is their banana pudding in a jar. The carefully layered nilla wafers are complemented by their homemade banana pudding with actual slices of bananas mixed in. Best part?? The jar. Eat it all now, or save it for some midnight munching. Either way, this $7 dessert is sure to delight.

3. byCHLOE.- $2.50 & $7.50

Chloe. Heard of her? Whether it’s the natural soft serve or the latest vegan craze that’s hit New York, chances are you’ve heard the name. By CHLOE flaunts their talent with items like their chocolate chip cinnamon espresso cookie that perfectly crunches with every crisp bite and their quinoa oats with all the right fixings. It’s definitely sure to change your standards on vegan food.

4. Chloe’s– $6.50


My other favorite Chloe resides next to Union Square. She offers soft serve, much like a sorbet, but made with fruit, water and cane sugar. In a vegan waffle sundae, smoothie or simply in a pretzel cone, this healthy alternative to sweet treats will let you indulge without the guilt.

5. Tompkins Square Bagels– $3.85

FullSizeRender (1)

The last on the top 5 isn’t just a favorite for their bagels and decadent cream cheeses, but Mumford & Sons wrote a song about the park next to it, so obviously it’s a must try. Usually, it’s bagel first and then the add-ons but, in this bagel shop it’s all about the cream cheese. Birthday cake? Cookies and cream?? I played it safe with the apple cinnamon cream cheese on a toasted multigrain and oats bagel. A tad out of the way in Alphabet City, depending on your location, but an easy breakfast on the go post workout or pre daytime activities.

Start nomming and try something new! Finding the best of the best via your favorite local foodie, As Told By Celia.


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